Video: Keeping It Real — A Therapist’s Guide To Working With Couples

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Keeping It Real - A Therapist's Guide to working with couples

3 DVD Set


2 ½ hour interview. Therapists ask questions about the principles and methods of couples therapy, like:

  • How do you move couples from anger to compassion and reconnection?
  • How do you slow down highly reactive couples?
  • What to do when the couple you are working with triggers your own inner child?

With and without commentary:  These demos are role-played by therapists using couples from their own and a colleague’s practice.

Demo 1:  Regulating Wounded Young Parts in a Seriously Dysregulated Couple
Work with emotional flooding and reconnection to exiled young parts. (57 mins.)

Demo 2:  Moment-to-moment Work with a Highly Reactive Couple
See how to interrupt the rapid angry cycle of comment/response in a way that couples feel supported, valued and safe. (48 mins.)

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